2022 valentine message
Valentine Message

2022 Valentine Message

It is never true that you are wrong because you are always alone. Do not be despaired standing alone for the truth. God stands with such people.

Bad people will look for their caliber to team up against you. Never give up! If you do, you will fail God and many well-meaning people who rely on you to change the world.

Do not also give much room to people who even sympathize with you for the bad treatment of the wicked towards you and advise you to stop changing the world. Some fear that your future may be impaired or you will die in the hands of the wicked. They are showing care – that’s good enough. You should appreciate it, but don’t listen to them too, even if they do that genuinely.

Someone must cause that good change, and that change is coming because of you. There are many who admire your zeal. Yes, many but still in the minority because they fall in the low class in the social strata. They have no ‘mouth’.

Sometimes, you’ll marvel at the attitude of some who are supposed to know better. There are times you retreat and ask yourself whether you are on the right path because of the number and caliber of people who are against you. Even the aged, the educated and the respected in society are up against you. Then you ask yourself why.

A few days ago, someone encouraged me saying, ”they only feel threatened by your zeal and success”. “They know your prowess but their ego will not allow them to submit to it. Deep within them, they know you’re doing a good job.”

The truth is that when people hate you, they hate you. It does not matter what you do. If you quit and join them, they will still not love you. Remain resolute rather and do what is right- after all God knows you well. Don’t stop for fear of them.

Luke sums it up beautifully in his gospel, “How terrible it will be for you when everyone says nice things about you because that’s the way their ancestors used to treat the false prophets!” (6:26).

Never pay anyone back in this world! It’s not your job. It’s God’s and don’t go before Him. Be encouraged!

Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
2022 Valentine Message

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Kwakofi Marlon Prosper

February 15, 2022

Thank you so much for the message. In actuality, everything you have stated is very true. why? Because I’ve been a victim and still a victim just because I Grew up before my biological father came my way and claimed me lawfully as his son, due to that almost everybody in the family hates me till now. They sometimes say things I knew nothing about but in all among them, few show some love by encouraging me and so on but even though they do, I always focus on myself and just myself. Sometimes I cry a lot but in the end, I still encourage myself because I know there are strangers out there awaiting me. After my senior high school education, I couldn’t perform all that well even though it was just mathematics. I struggled so well in making a success in that and as a result I wrote four consecutive times with the same results still recurring that was when my father started questioning me if I would love to learn a trade which a rejected because I know myself so with that bold decision I took he gave me another chance. The last one which was the five one,my Dad asked me to rewrite all the subjects again but I didn’t give up so I prepared so well. at times I cry while studying because I thought I’m not the one to be passing through all those staff meanwhile, I taught a lot of people while I was in school but ignorantly my family thinks I was a blockheaded person. I could remember so well that just because they are jealous of me, my Antie came from America just be suck me from my grandfather’s house of which she succeeded in so I had to leave the house to go and stay with my father’s friend at Ho before I was able to write my exams. I have a whole lot to say but I can’t just control my tears so to cut it short, by God’s grace I’m in the university of Ghana now level 200.
I said all these because even at the time that I was facing failures here and there and a full-time package of hatred which almost suppressed me but I didn’t give up. My mind was just to put all of them in a big shame which I did so in a way a believe those gaits are just there to keep us going that’s if you believe in yourself and God almighty.