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A Daily Devotional Guide

Bright Morning Reflections

BMR is a daily teaching and devotional material that draws you closer to Christ. The main idea is to exegete the chosen texts truthfully using the appropriate tools and applying the required skills. In a world where faithfulness to chosen scriptures is rare, BMR tries to speak the mind of God in the text without compromising standards. The lessons here are often text based, rather than thematic so we can help our subscribers to follow the teachings chronologically. 

Our team prepares the material daily and shares it every morning with our subscribers on social media as well as here on this page. BMR always comes in the written word, in addition to audio and video accompanying some of the reflections. As the brainchild of Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo, Bright Morning Reflections began in March 2013 and has since been the Rod and Staff of many Christian individuals and families.

BMR seeks to help have a fellowship with Christ. With many individuals having heavy schedules at certain times, the reflections are available to reach at any time one is able, though we encourage each person to a specific meeting time for fellowship with the Lord. 

BMR provides a good background of the texts and deduces lessons as draws conclusions. We encourage subscribers to send feedback on the daily reflections so we can always improve what we do. 

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