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The dream that reassures
Bible Passage Judges 7: 9- 14
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The dream that reassures

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached May 14, 2024

9 Later that same night, the LORD directed Gideon, “Get up and go down to the Midianite encampment, because I’ve given it into your control.

10 But if you’re afraid to go down there, you may take your servant Purah with you to their encampment,

11 where you will hear what they’re talking about. That way, you’ll be encouraged to attack the encampment.” So he and his servant Purah went down to the perimeter outposts of the encamped army.

12 The Midianites, the Amalekites, and certain groups from the east lay encamped in the valley, as thick as locusts. The number of their camels couldn’t be calculated—they seemed as numerous as the sand on the seashore.

13 Gideon arrived just as a soldier was talking to a friend about a dream. “Look!” he was saying. “I had a dream that went like this: A loaf of barley bread rolled into the Midianite encampment, came to a tent, and collided with it. The loaf of bread fell down, turned upside down, and the tent collapsed!”

14 Then his friend replied, “Can this be anything else than the sword of Joash’s son Gideon, that man from Israel? God must have given Midian and the entire encampment into his control!”

Judges were administrative leaders, who, before the institution of kingship in Israel, were appointed by God to lead the people at certain times to bring glory to Israel. These were often after God had punished the Israelites for their disobedience. Deborah was the judge appointed to help bring victory to Israel after they had been oppressed by Hazor for 20 years. Soon after that deliverance, the Israelites forgot about Deborah’s success and they behaved in their old ways again.

The new enemies were the people of Midian and Amalek. They were ‘too many’ in number so that Israel’s people could not defeat them. Their plan was what we today call a ‘scorched (burnt) earth plan’. This means that they destroyed everything on the land so that Israel’s people could not grow food there. God told the people what he had done for them.

God later listened to the Israelites and appointed Gideon to lead them to fight their enemies.

Gideon had to lead an attack against the vast combined army of the Midianites and the Amalekites. He chose only an army of 32,000 people, but God said that the army was too large. So the army was reduced to 10,000. But God said even the 10,000 was too much. Finally, the army was reduced to 300. God allowed Gideon only three hundred men to launch the attack against the Midianites, so that Israel might know that victory was not by military power but by God’s power (verses 1-8).

A Midianite soldier’s dream showed that an unnatural fear had come upon the Midianites. When he dreamt that a poor man’s loaf of barley overthrew a rich man’s tent, he thought that poverty-stricken Israel would overthrow Midian’s army. The bread was like Israel’s poor farmers. The tent was like the army from Midian. The soldier said that God had given Midian’s army and the whole camp to Gideon. The men from Midian were afraid. God would certainly act. This message greatly encouraged Gideon.
The Midianites could have wiped out the Israelites with ease, but God gave victory to Israel.

🔷 Victory strictly comes from God, and not army size or numbers

🔷 We must partner with, and seek the support of trusted people to help and encourage us in our difficult times. This help can even come from your subordinate or servant.

💥 Ask God to take the battle against your enemies
💥 Pray for faith in God in times of trial

God is the giver of life, victory, and success. Be encouraged that once He continues to sit on the throne, He will come through for you and grant you victory. You are a victor!

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