Beware of Predators!
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Beware Of Predators!

Beware Of Predators!

The current trend of ministry, that has become a money-making business is a stink to true Christian leadership. People who have tagged themselves as ‘miracle workers’ and are referred to as ‘ogyacious’ (meaning powerful) with the business of exploiting the vulnerable have become a malodor, not only in the ordained ministry but in general Christianity.

Deliverance is about speaking the truth that sets one free (John 8:32). It is about unleashing the mystery of the gospel in a way that will reveal the identity of Christ. For God’s sake, it is not only about people falling and rising at the glare of the public, when the majority (usually not less than 80% of the people in the church) become spectators, while many waits eagerly to hear new stories of people that would make headlines in the church and in the community. It is far more than that. But have you noticed that it is the same people who keep falling in church every day? When minister A comes, they fall and are delivered, and minister B comes the next day and the same people delivered. Don’t you think it is an object for discussion so we find answers to the why question?

Many of these miracle workers seem to know the source of everyone’s problems without offering the appropriate counsel to alleviate people from their plight. Their commonest slogan is ‘come and you will never be the same and the meaning of that is that all your problems will be gone when you meet them. Many people visit them and return virtually the same. They show such miracles on TV and talk about them on radio and on social media, as the only reason why people must come to them. The element of Jesus is completely missing them.

For some of them, they take the little money you have, in the name of consultation, ‘akwankyere’ (meaning showing the way), thanksgiving, and ‘seed of faith’ etc. They lead people astray, taking advantage of their situations (Jer 50:6). But woe to these kinds of shepherds, who think only about today (Jer 23:1)

Doctors go to school and spend much in educating themselves. When they graduate, they charge for their services. Since when have pastors become doctors? Anyways, the understanding is that many of such pastors have gone to learn how to take advantage of the gullibility of the public and punish them severely for their ignorance. Some of them get their education from evil forces. And they must recoup all that they spend on that education.

In Jesus’ instructions to the disciples in Matt 10:8, he asked them to freely offer services to the public. ”Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying, give without pay”.

I’ll only have faith in God. If he wants me to die, let me die.

If you know that one is being cursed by a grandmother, the solution is not oil or salt, or water. The real solution is to show how to handle one’s enemies (that grandmother) in the way that Christ prescribes. So the problem is solved, and the family relations are still kept intact.

The cause of all these problems is the search for power and fame, coupled with the desire to amass wealth at all costs. The gift of the right division of the word of God has been thrown to the dogs. There’s no research and preparation to preach the unadulterated word. It is only about going to America, marrying tomorrow, and prosperity here and prosperity there. As if these are not enough, people go to the extent of giving lotto numbers. I wish you hear how these numbers are pronounced.

Be wise! Study the word! Pray! Your deliverance is in your own hands.