Bright Pastures Outreach

Marital And Pre-marital Counselling

Counselling Institute

This programme offers psychological services for groups, individuals, families, couples, churches, institutions and other organisations. 

We offer varied guidance and counselling services through face-to-face and virtual media. The services include marital and pre-marital counselling, career counselling, crisis counselling, and developmental counselling.

We believe in prevention rather than cure. Our marriage counselling programmes aim at eradicating divorce and making marriage homes peaceful and Christlike. We treat pertinent topics such as; The Meaning of Marriage, the Biblical Foundation For Marriage, Communication in Marriage and Managing Conflicts in Marriage. Others are Childlessness in Marriage, The Marriage Law in Ghana, Building in-law Relationships, Sex in Marriage, Spirituality in Marriage, Managing Finances and in Marriage, and Responsible Parenting,  among others.

We employ the skills of trained professional psychotherapists in handling every problem while upholding the virtues of trust and confidentiality.