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Bible Passage Psalm 103:1-5
This content is part of a series Bright Morning Reflections, in topic 2021 & book Psalm.

Bless The Lord And Forget One Of His Benefit

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached November 4, 2021
1 Bless the LORD, my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
2 Bless the LORD, my soul, and never forget any of his benefits:
3 He continues to forgive all your sins, he continues to heal all your diseases,
4 he continues to redeem your life from the Pit, and he continuously surrounds you with gracious love and compassion.
5 He keeps satisfying you with good things, and he keeps renewing your youth like the eagle’s.
Realizing how easily people forget God, David reminds himself of the many blessings, physical and spiritual, that God has given him. Gratefully, he praises God for them all (1-2).
Sin, sickness, and the prospect of a hopeless death have been replaced by forgiveness, good health, and a renewed enjoyment of life (3-5).
David tells himself to praise the LORD. Our soul is the part of us that lives after our bodies die. It is “everything that is in us”, (verse 1). We are to praise the LORD’s holy name. The LORD’s name means the LORD himself. He is holy because he has never done anything that is wrong.
Our sins are the wrong things that we do when we do not obey God’s rules. When we ask Him, God will always forgive our sins. That means He will not punish (hurt) us because we have broken the rules.
Verse 4 says, “He redeems you from the Pit”. The Pit was a place in Sheol. Sheol was where the Jews believed that dead people went. The Pit was the worst bit of Sheol. It was a very bad place. But David believed that when God forgives us, “He redeems us from the Pit”.
This means that He stops us from going there! Instead of going to a bad place when we die, we go to where God is. We call it heaven. God does this because of His mercy. This means that He is kind to us when he should punish (hurt) us.
When David knew all this, he felt strong again. He felt as a young eagle feels. An eagle flies high in the sky and feels strong and free. When God forgives us, we will feel as David felt!
🔷 We must always remember all that God has done for you and appreciate Him for it
🔷 God forgives us our sins and redeems us from bondage and hell
🔷 God offers daily renewal and refreshment to our soul and body, to keep fit
💥 Thank God for His love and care
💥 Ask God to heal your sicknesses
Deep down your heart, your heart must honor and show appreciation to God Almighty for all He graciously gives us.

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