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Celebrating the Victory With Songs
Bible Passage Judges 5:1-12
This content is part of a series Bright Morning Reflections, in topic 2023 & books Exodus, Joshua, Judges.

Celebrating the Victory With Songs

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached January 9, 2023

1 Later that day, Deborah and Abinoam’s son Barak celebrated by singing this song:

2 “When hair grows long in Israel, when the people give themselves willingly, bless the LORD!

3 Listen, you kings! Turn your ears to me, you rulers! As for me, to the LORD I will sing! I will sing praise to the LORD God of Israel.

4 LORD, when you left Seir, when you marched out from the grain field of Edom, the earth quaked and the heavens poured out rain; indeed, the clouds poured out water.

5 Mountains tremble at the presence of the LORD — even Sinai!—at the presence of the LORD God of Israel.

6 During the lifetime of Anath’s son Shamgar and during the lifetime of Jael highways remained deserted, while travelers kept to back roads.

7 Rural populations plummeted in Israel; until I, Deborah, arose; until I—an Israeli mother—arose.

8 New gods were chosen, then war came to the city gates, but there wasn’t a shield or spear to be seen among 40,000 soldiers of Israel.

9 My heart is for the commanders of Israel, to those who work willingly among the people. Bless the LORD!

10 “Speak up, you who ride white donkeys, sitting on cloth saddles while you travel on your way!

11 From the sound of those who divide their workloads at the watering troughs, there they will retell the righteous deeds of the LORD, the righteous victories for his rural people in Israel.” Then the people of the LORD went down to the gates.

12 “Wake up! Wake up, Deborah! Wake up! Wake up, Deborah! Get up, Barak, and dispose of your captives, you son of Abinoam!

The book of Judges is a record of the ‘ministry’ of the civil administrators of Israel. One such administrator is Deborah, of whom we speak today.

During the leadership of Joshua, he led the Isarelites to conquer and burn Hazor, the chief city of the North of the Canaanites (Josh 11:10-13). However, not all the people had been destroyed. Having rebuilt Hazor, they took revenge on the Northern tribes of Israel, especially Zebulun and Naphtali, and ruled them cruelly for twenty years (Judges 4:1-3).

Israel’s deliverer on this occasion was Deborah, who became the civil administrator of Israel. With her army commander Barak, she led a large Israelite force up, Mt Tabor. The plan was to make the enemy commander Sisera believe there was an armed rebellion in Israel, and so draw Sisera’s chariot forces out into the plain of the Kishon River, which lay below the Israelites.

The plan was successful. Soon after Sisera crossed the shallow stream, a tremendous rainstorm flooded the river. The soft ground quickly became one huge bog; the small stream became a raging river. The Canaanites were confused as chariots became bogged, horses grew mad with fear, and soldiers drowned in the rushing waters. Certain of victory, the Israelites rushed down upon the enemy (11-16; see also 5:20-22).

Sisera escaped and looked for safety in the tent of his friend Heber (17; cf. v. 11). But Heber was not at home, and Sisera did not know that Heber’s wife Jael was on the side of Israel. Once Jael had made sure that Sisera was soundly asleep, she killed him (Judges 4:18-22).

The Israelites’ victory that day gave them the confidence and courage to fight on till they destroyed the power of the enemy to enslave them.

The praise song of Deborah and Barak recalls the dramatic activity of God, the initiative of the leaders, and the willing service of the people which together produced this spectacular victory. The rainstorm that God used to fight for His people reminded them of the earthquake He sent at Mt Sinai (verse 1-5; compare Exod 19:16).

Israel had suffered enough under the cruel Canaanites, whose raiding and violence made trade, travel, and farming almost impossible. They would not even allow the Israelites to make any weapons to protect themselves. Then arose Deborah! Rich and poor alike are now urged to join with Israelites everywhere in songs of praise for God’s deliverance through her.

🔷 Women are God’s chosen people who can equally lead God’s people to victory

🔷 Unity brings victory. The amalgamation of ideas and thoughts will surely give the upper hand over the enemy

🔷 We must celebrate the God that gives us the victory through praise to His name

💥 Pray that God restores you to victory
💥 Ask God to give you a plan that will make you successful

Even in our trials and afflictions and temptations, God will silence the enemy and give us victory.

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