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Help from God
Bible Passage Psalm 121
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Help from God

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached March 20, 2023

1 I lift up my eyes toward the mountains— from where will my help come?

2 My help is from the LORD, maker of heaven and earth.

3 He will never let your foot slip, nor will your guardian become drowsy.

4 Look! The one who is guarding Israel never sleeps and does not take naps.

5 The LORD is your guardian; the LORD is your shade at your right side.

6 The sun will not ravage you by day, nor the moon by night.

7 The LORD will guard you from all evil, preserving your life.

8 The LORD will guard your goings and comings, from this time on and forever.

Disappointments, dread, and difficulties suddenly appear on the way of every person in life. The believer is not exempted from this. As such, when one becomes helpless and vulnerable, help is sought somewhere in order to overcome the challenge.

Some scholars suppose that Psalm 121 was composed in exile. While some contend that it was a psalm to be sung on the return to Palestine after the captivity, others argue that it was a psalm of a pensive exile looking toward the hills of Palestine, his native land, as the source from where all his help must come – and expressing confidence in God that He would bring them out of the exile and the troubles.

There is no proof, however, that either of the above suppositions is correct. The language is such, indeed, as might then be employed, but it is also such as might be used on many other occasions. It might be the language of the leader of an army, endangered, and looking to the hills where he expected reinforcements. It could also be that of a pious man encompassed with dangers, and using this expression as illustrative of looking up to God, or it might be the language of one looking directly to heaven, represented as the heights, or the exalted place where God dwells.

Another supposition is to be the language of one looking to the hills of Jerusalem, the seat of the worship of God, the place of His abode – as his refuge, and as the place from where only help could come. This last seems to be the most probable supposition; and thus the psalm represents the confidence and hope of a pious man (in respect to duty, danger, or trial) as derived from the God whom he worships – and the place where God has fixed His abode – the church where He manifests Himself to people.

Help cannot come from hills and mountains, not from men or women; for vain is the help of human beings; not from kings and princes, the great men of the earth, nor from the most powerful nations; but from the Lord alone. Hallelujah!

The Lord helps His people out of the hands of all their enemies, and out of all their troubles and afflictions. He helps them in the performance of duty, in the exercise of grace, in bearing the cross, in fighting the Lord’s battles, and on in their journey.

The Lord helps His people to all blessings, temporal and spiritual; to all needful supplies of grace and glory. This help He gives is quick and present, suitable and seasonable, sufficient, and sometimes with, and sometimes without means; and they have great encouragement to expect it from Him.

Similarly, many believers might have become sleepless or experience nightmares as a result of the difficult life situations we face. It is easy to even throw in the towel and give up. But God is our help in the present age. Yes, God is our Lord.

He is present with His people in all troubles. He is available at all times. What makes Him God is that He never disappoints. You are rather a in doubt and do not accept wholly the power of this God.

In the text, many phrases are used to describe this God who alone can offer help: He is the maker of heaven and earth, He never sleeps or takes a nap, He will guard you against all evil and preserve your life, etc.

Since He is able to give it, being the Maker of heaven and earth; for what is it that He cannot do, who has made both them?

🔷 We must remain focused on God who is of power and sufficiency

🔷 When our dangers and troubles are compounded, we must find comfort with God and be safe under His protection

🔷 God’s care has no limitations for His people

💥 Thank God for His daily provisions and security
💥 Pray for God’s guidance and direction in all situations

If God is for us, who then can be against us? God is powerful to secure us, provide for us, guide us, and comfort us in all troubles. Troubles may come but for a short time.

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