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Kingdom Comes
Bible Passage Isaiah 2: 2-4
This content is part of a series Bright Morning Reflections, in topic 2023 & books Daniel, Deuteronomy, Genesis, ISAIAH, Jeremiah, Micah.

Kingdom Comes

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached March 2, 2023

2 “It will come about in the last days that the mountain that is the LORD’s Temple will be established as the highest of mountains, and will be raised above the hills; all the nations will stream to it.

3 Many groups of people will come, commenting, “Come! Let’s go up to the Temple of the God of Jacob, that they may teach us his ways. Then let’s walk in his paths.”

“Instruction will proceed from Zion, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

4 He will judge between the nations, and will render verdicts for the benefit of many. “They will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nations will not raise swords against nations, and they will not learn warfare anymore.

God’s people always looked for the day when Jerusalem would be the religious centre of the world, where people of all nations would go to be taught the ways of God. In that day there would be no more war, but contentment and prosperity.

The expression, “in the last days” in verse 2 came to denote, by way of eminence, the times of the Messiah, and is frequently used in the New Testament, as well as the Old, to designate those times; see Acts 2:17; compare Joel 2:28; Heb 1:2; 1Pet 1:5, 1Pet 1:20; 1Jo 2:18; Gen 49:1; Mic 4:1; Deu 4:30; Jer 48:47; Dan 11:28.

‘The mountain of the LORD’ means ‘the place where people will find the LORD’. The temple was built on mount Moriah, which was hence called the mountain of the Lord’s house. The temple, or the mountain on which it was reared, would be the object which would express the public worship of the true God. And hence, to say that that should be elevated higher than all other hills, or mountains, means, that the worship of the true God would become an object so conspicuous as to be seen by all nations; and so conspicuous that all nations would forsake other objects and places of worship, being attracted by the glory of the worship of the true God.

This order is observed by Micah; in Isaiah, on the contrary, the promise contained in the passage precedes the threatening, and another promise follows. Many of the older theologians supposed that the passages were communicated alike by the Holy Spirit to both writers. But there is no improbability in supposing that Isaiah may have availed himself of language used by Micah in describing the same event.

In verse 3, ‘The house of Jacob’s (Israel’s) God is the temple in Jerusalem. ‘Jacob’ here is a name for the Jews, as well as for Jacob himself. Here Isaiah compares a person’s life to a journey along a path. ‘His ways’ means the things that God wants people to do. ‘Walk in his paths’ means ‘obey God’s rules’. ‘The rules that God made’ means the same as ‘the LORD’s message’. They both mean the things that God wants people to do.

The second part of verse 3 says the Word of God will travel outside Jerusalem too. Isaiah does not tell us how the message will go out from Jerusalem. Probably God’s servants, the priests, and the prophets will tell people what God is saying. But notice that God’s laws will go ‘out from Zion (Jerusalem)’. They will go out to the whole world! This is what Christians are doing today. They are declaring God’s message across the world.

Verse 4 continues from verse 3, which refers to God as the maker of laws. So here God acts as the judge to say which nation is right or wrong. He makes that decision. At that time, people will change the things that they used to fight with. They will use the metal to make objects that will help them to produce food in their fields.

A ‘spear’ is a long stick with a sharp point at its end. Or it is a knife with a very long handle. When a gardener ‘prunes’ a plant, he cuts part of it off for the plant to grow better.

Instead of war, there will be peace. If it were today, Isaiah would probably say ‘guns’ and ‘bombs’ instead of ‘swords’ and ‘spears’.

🔷 The message of the kingdom of God should go out to all places through all means available

🔷 The love and worship of God must be elevated by all believers above every other thing


The word of God should dwell among us and be our guide for our path. There is peace where their word of God dwells.

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