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Levis Banquet
Bible Passage Luke 5:27-32
This content is part of a series Bright Morning Reflections, in topic 2023 & books Luke, Matthew.

Levi’s Banquet

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached April 13, 2023

27 After that, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the tax collector’s desk. He told him, “Follow me!”

28 So Levi left everything behind, got up, and followed him.

29 Later, Levi gave a large banquet at his home for Jesus. A large crowd of tax collectors and others were eating with them.

30 The Pharisees and their scribes started complaining to Jesus’ disciples, “Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?”

31 But Jesus answered them, “Healthy people don’t need a physician, but sick people do.

32 I have not come to call righteous people, but sinners, to repentance.”


The next person to join Jesus’ group of chosen disciples was the tax collector Matthew, also known as Levi (Mathew 9:9). Matthew took Jesus home for a meal. He invited His fellow tax collectors and other friends to come and meet his new master.

Levi was a customs officer in his customs shed when Jesus called him. He collected taxes from people who were going in or out of Capernaum. This was a main trading route.

Following Jesus, perhaps Levi was giving up more than Peter and his partners gave up. They could, if necessary, return to their fishing. It is probable that Levi will not be able to return to his work as a customs official.

Jews despised tax collectors as being unpatriotic, dishonest, and irreligious. The Pharisees despised Jesus when they saw Him eating with them.

When Jesus said ‘good people’, he meant people like the Pharisees who believed in themselves as good. But they were not sincere in their attitude to God and his laws. The ‘sinners’ knew that they needed Jesus to help them. Jesus compared them to a sick person who knows he needs a doctor.

So Jesus said if tax collectors were as bad as the Pharisees claimed, then tax collectors were just the sort of people who needed His help. God was pleased with Jesus’ action in showing mercy to outcasts. He was not pleased with the sacrifices of those who thought they were superior to others.

🔷 Meeting Jesus must change our life and thoughts. It must awe people that we have been completely changed

🔷 Those who agree they need Jesus will always have Him and be blessed

💥 Pray for pardon for any act of self-righteousness
💥 Ask God to use you for your work

Self-righteousness is a killer. We must identify our unwholesome nature and yearn for God’s grace and love. You can’t look at other people and compare them only to conclude that you are pure.

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