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Living the Now for the Future
Bible Passage Luke 17:20-37
This content is part of a series Bright Morning Reflections, in topic 2022 & books Luke, Matthew.

Living the Now for the Future

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached September 16, 2022

20 Now when the Pharisees demanded of Him when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation;

21 Neither shall they say, ‘Behold, it is here!’ Or, ‘Behold, it is there!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is standing in the midst of you.”

22 Then He said to the disciples, “The days will come when you shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and shall not see it.

23 And they shall say to you, ‘Look here,’ or, ‘Look there.’ Do not go, neither follow them.

24 For as the light of day, whose light shines from one end under heaven to the other end under heaven, so also shall the Son of man be in His day.

25 But first it is necessary for Him to suffer many things and to be rejected by this generation.

26 Now as it was in the days of Noah, so also shall it be in the days of the Son of man.

27 They were eating, they were drinking, they were marrying, they were being given in marriage, until the day that Noah went into the ark, and the Flood came and destroyed them all.

28 And it was the same way in the days of Lot: they were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building;

29 But on the day that Lot went out from Sodom, it rained fire and sulphur from heaven and destroyed them all.

30 This is how it shall be in the day that the Son of man is revealed.

31 In that day, let not the one who is on the housetop, and his goods in the house, come down to take them away; and likewise, let not the one who is in the field return to the things behind.

32 Remember Lot’s wife.

33 Whoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.

34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two in one bed; one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

35 Two women shall be grinding together; one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

36 Two men shall be in the field; one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.”

37 And they answered, saying to Him, “Where, Lord?” And He said to them, “Where the body is, there will the eagles be gathered together.”


Even at the beginning of everything, we look forward to the end. So every believer thinks about the future and the end of their life. The Pharisees looked forward to the Messiah and the end of the age. They were therefore looking for visible signs so that they could work out when the Messiah’s kingdom would begin.

The kingdom is not an event. The kingdom is an inner experience that changes a person’s character. The Greek word for ‘in’ also means ‘among’. The kingdom was present ‘among’ them. The Pharisees were looking for a kingdom. But the king, Jesus, was already among them.
Jesus told them that since He was the Messiah and was living among them, the Messiah’s kingdom had already begun (Luke 17:20-21, Matt 16:1-4).

Turning to His disciples, Jesus added that one day He would be taken from them. In their longing for Him to return they were not to be led astray by rumours and false prophecies. His coming would be visible and unmistakable (Luke 17:22-25). The rapture will not be a hidden thing. Everyone will see and experience it.

As in the days of Noah and of Lot, people will be carrying out their everyday duties when the divine judgement will suddenly falls (Luke 17:26-30). It will then be too late for people to do anything to save themselves. There will be an irreversible separation between those who have lived for themselves and those who have put God’s interests first (Luke 17:31-36).

God’s great intervention in human affairs will affect people worldwide. Wherever there is sin, there the divine judgement will fall (Luke 17:37).

🔷 Though the time for the second coming of Jesus is not known, the event will be visible for all to see

🔷 Those who follow the Messiah will also suffer like the Messiah Himself

🔷 We must give our lives to Christ and live for Him alone to benefit from Him

💥 Pray that your daily life will honour God
💥Ask God’s mercy to grant you a place with Him

Since no bell will ring apart from the warnings we receive from the scriptures daily, we must live and dedicate our lives to Christ such that our normal daily life will honour Him and prepare us for His coming.

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