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Sovereign Creator
Bible Passage GENESIS 1:14-23
This content is part of a series Bright Morning Reflections, in topic 2019 & book Genesis.

Sovereign Creator

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached January 2, 2019

SCRIPTURE 📖 Soveriegn Creator
14  Then God said, “Let there be lights across the sky to distinguish day from night, to act as signs for seasons, days, and years,

15  to serve as lights in the sky, and to shine on the earth!” And that is what happened:

16  God fashioned two great lights—the larger light to shine during the day and the smaller light to shine during the night—as well as stars.

17  God placed them in space to shine on the earth,

18  to differentiate between day and night, and to distinguish light from darkness. And God saw how good it was.

19  The twilight and the dawn were the fourth day.

20  Then God said, “Let the oceans swarm with living creatures, and let flying creatures soar above the earth throughout the sky!”

21  So God created every kind of magnificent marine creature, every kind of living marine crawler with which the waters swarmed, and every kind of flying creature. And God saw how good it was.

22  God blessed them by saying, “Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the oceans. Let the birds multiply throughout the earth!”

23  The twilight and the dawn were the fifth day.

BACKGROUND ✝Soveriegn Creator
The Genesis account of creation is concerned with showing that God made everything out of nothing, that He worked from the formless to the formed, from the simple to the complex. It outlines how He brought the universe through various stages till His creative activity reached its climax in Adam and Eve.

The heavy cloud overhead, which had been becoming thinner and thinner, finally broke. The sun, moon and stars, previously hidden, now became clearly visible. Their effect upon the earth helped to produce a variety of weather and a pattern of annual seasons (14-19; fourth day).

As God’s creative activity moved on, animal life began to appear, with creatures in the sea and creatures in the air, all of them suited to their environment (20-23; fifth day).

God created everything in this world, including our days. Here are seen the wisdom, power, and goodness of the great Creator. Little do these distant stars know what benefits they confer on our small world.

On the 4th day, God created the heavenly bodies for three main reasons;
1. To be light for people
2. To differentiate day and night
3. To indicate seasons, days and years.

Human have created the duplicate of the things created by God. No human science has been able to reproduce exactly any of the things created by God. While God created sun and moon, human beings are creating solar and electric bulbs that do not last. While God created sheep and goats, human beings are creating sausage.

It reveals the sovereignty and the majesty of God. Everything created by human beings and science is inferior to God’s. It tells of God power.

God created the world out of nothing.

LESSONS  ✍🏽 Arise Shine
🔷Soveriegn Creator  We must use time judiciously and manage our time properly.

🔷God Rules  God’s power and ability is beyond human reach

🔷God Rules  God’s love for human beings made Him create all that human beings needed before finally creating man.

💥Arise Shine Thank God for the day
💥Arise Shine Pray for a bright 2019

Since time belongs to our Sovereign God, we should use it judiciously and remember we will also account for our use of time.

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