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Wait on the Lord
Bible Passage Acts 1:1-5
This content is part of a series Bright Morning Reflections, in topic 2023 & books Acts, Colossians, John, Luke, Matthew, Philemon.

Wait on the Lord

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached January 2, 2023

1 In my first book, Theophilus, I wrote about everything Jesus did and taught from the beginning,

2 up to the day when he was taken up to heaven after giving orders by the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen.

3 After he had suffered, he had shown himself alive to them by many convincing proofs, appearing to them during a period of 40 days and telling them about the kingdom of God.

4 While he was meeting with them, he ordered them, “Don’t leave Jerusalem. Instead, wait for what the Father has promised, about which you heard me speak,

5 because John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit a few days from now.”


The Acts of the Apostles was written by the same author as the Gospel of Luke. Acts discuss how the good news about Jesus spread to the world beyond Jerusalem.

Luke was a Gentile doctor (Colossians 4:14) who worked with Paul and he travelled with him (Philemon 1:24).

In verse 1, Luke referred to his Gospel here as ‘my first book’. Acts is the second book in history that Luke wrote. He wrote both books for Theophilus. Theophilus is a Greek name that means ‘someone who loves God. Perhaps Luke was using it to mean any Christian reader. But it is more likely that Theophilus was a real person. In Luke 1:3, Luke called him ‘most excellent’. Therefore, Theophilus might have been an important man that worked for the government.

The book of Acts describes the continuation of Jesus’ work by His Holy Spirit, by means of his apostles. The Greek word ‘apostolos’ means a person with a message. That person (an apostle) had special authority from the one who sent him. Therefore an apostle could act for the person who sent him. So, the apostles too would be leaders of Christians, as Jesus was their leader. However, Jesus, after His resurrection continued teaching the apostles until He ascended into heaven after 40 days. On the occasions when Jesus appeared to His apostles after His resurrection, He taught them the significance of His death and resurrection in relation to the kingdom of God that they were now to proclaim. They would be able to begin this work within a few days after Jesus returned to His heavenly Father and sent them the gift of His Spirit as He had promised (verse 3-4; see also John 14:26; 15:26; 16:7; Mark 1:8 ).

Before His departure to heaven, Jesus gave an important warning, “stay in Jerusalem until you receive the promise of the Holy Spirit”. In Luke’s Gospel, the Father promised that power from above would come to the disciples (Luke 24:49).

In verse 5, Luke reminds us of John the Baptist’s words. John said this about Jesus: ‘He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and He will baptize you with fire’ (Luke 3:16).

🔷 We must obey the instructions that God gives us, and adhere to them in order to receive God’s promises

🔷 We must yearn to fellowship with others and join in the house of God

🔷 Believers must learn to wait for God’s own time to receive His blessings within the year

🔷 We must seek the direction of the Spirit of God in every decision and activity that we undertake.

💥 Thank God for His provisions in 2022
💥 Pray that you will be able to wait on God all the time

Waiting is part of the process of the formation of every believer. Our resolutions are important and we must equally wait and work towards realizing them. God must always direct us to fulfill His promises in our lives.

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