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Who Can Stand in My Presence and Face Me?
Bible Passage Job 41:1-15
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Who Can Stand in My Presence and Face Me?

  • Rev. Bright Mawuena Nfodzo
Date preached April 25, 2022

1 “Can you draw Leviathan out of the water with a hook, or tie down his tongue with a rope?

2 Can you attach a bridle to his snout, or pierce his jaw with a hook?

3 Will he make many supplications to you, or will he beg you for mercy?

4 Will he try to make a deal with you, so that you may take him in servitude forever?

5 “Will you play with him like a pet bird? Will you put a leash on him for your little girls?

6 Will your business be able to buy him, Will you divide him among your merchant friends?

7 Will you fill his flesh with harpoons, or his head with lances?

8 Lay your hand on him, and you’ll remember the struggle. You’ll never do that again!

9 “Look! Anyone’s hope to capture him will prove itself false; anyone would be terrified just by looking at him.

10 No one is fierce enough to dare to arouse him. “Who, then, can stand in my presence and face me?

11 Who can take me to court and be reconciled to me? All of heaven is mine.

12 “I won’t be silent concerning his limbs, his mighty strength, and orderly frame.

13 Who can strip off his outer armor? Who can approach him with a bridle?

14 Who dares to open his mouth, since it is ringed with his terrible teeth!

15 His protective scales are his pride, they lie sealed tightly together.

The plight of Job had made him accuse God of unjust. God invites Job to present his arguments (Job 40:1-2).

God has shown Job that people cannot expect to understand everything about the activity of God in the complex world He has made. God calls Job to consider the power he has. He uses two beasts as examples to show Job how weak he can be without God.

The first of these is the monster Behemoth, generally thought to be the hippopotamus. The second of the beasts is our text for today.

The second beast described to Job is Leviathan, the mythical sea monster or, possibly, the crocodile. Though crocodiles live in rivers, they can also walk on the land. Can Job catch one with a hook as he catches a fish? Can he make it talk, or make it work for him, or make a pet of it? Can he sell it in the market (41:1-6)? People keep many animals as pets. But nobody can train a crocodile to be a tame animal. It is out of control.

Even if Job were able to catch one he would be sorry. He would never do it again (7-8)! If, then, no person in his right mind would dare stir up Leviathan, how unthinkable to try to stand up against God (9-11).

God then describes some fearsome features of this dragon-like beast: its armor of tough skin, its strong jaws, and its terrible teeth.

The crocodile is like the devil.

🔷 Never challenge God to a fight because you can’t tell or understand what God does.

🔷 God allows trouble upon the righteous believer in order to make him/her better

🔷 You cannot defeat the devil by your own skills and intelligence but only by God’s help

🔷 In the end God gives multiple honors to those who trust and hope only in Him

💥 Worship and thank God for a new week
💥 Ask God to protect you with His power

God created all the animals. So God is more powerful than any animal, and also more powerful than the devil. So people who trust God do not need to be afraid of the devil. Instead, they should trust God to help them. If you fear those animals, do you want to dare God?

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